What Makes a Cat Purr and Meow?

The feline species has been a subject of a lot of research and speculation. Cats tend to communicate with each other and with humans in various ways. It is exciting to note that these animals can make over 100 different sounds, and it is only rarely that they actually meow at each other. Also, an average cat spends around 11,000 hours in purring. It also makes ‘meow’, a very common sound that the entire cat species is recognized by. Find out what makes a cat purr and meow, and when they make these sounds.

Calling out to mom

Kittens are found to meow to find their moms, or to make their mother find them. They meow out of discomfort, fear or hunger. It is only a mama cat who can understand when a kitten is meowing out of any of these three types of sensations. That is only when a cat uses the ‘meow’ sound to communicate with another member of its species. When they grow out of their stage of kittenhood, they do not meow to each other anymore. Rather, they yowl, hiss, growl or use other body language to get in touch with other cats.

Many moods, many emotions

Many pet owners and scientists are of the opinion that the ‘meow’ of cats represents many moods and emotions. The Oriental and the Siamese breeds have meow sounds that are very distinctive. These can be recognized immediately. Cats can meow when they are trying to seek love, saying hello, feeling thirsty or injured or lonely or even hungry. Cats in fact, continuously howl when they are looking for a mate.

They ‘Purr’ when they are peaceful

Purring is a charming, pleasant sound that is found to be irresistible by most cat lovers. Small children, on hearing the purr of a cat, say that the motors of their pets are running. It is not known how cats purr, whether from the diaphragm or throat, or whether it has ever had a significant part to play in their survival. However, it has been found that cats purr when they are sleeping, feeling content or happy. They also tend to purr when they are feeling pain or are in fear. It could be the equivalent of humans performing yoga stretches or taking deep breaths to calm themselves. They purr when they exhale or inhale. Cats are able to purr when they are around 1 week in age.

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Cats take frequent baths in a day, and owners feel that they would naturally enjoy being in water. However, cats are likely to resist any attempt at putting them into a bathtub. If they ever slip into a tub or a sink filled with water by accident, they are likely to show a frantic response and throw their limbs all around in an eager attempt to get out of water and hide somewhere safe. Here are some possible reasons why cars hate being in water.

They hate being with a drenched coat

When cats get wet, their fur gets waterlogged. The top fur layer of cats is waterproof to an extent. However, if water enters the layers beneath, cats are likely to feel highly uncomfortable. This makes cats feel heavy and uncomfortable, and they are unable to move as fast or maneuver themselves as quickly as before. Cats always like to be agile and easy to get out of sticky situations, and they hate anything that makes them unable to do so.

They are smell-sensitive

Cats are known to be sensitive to odors, and react strongly to the odor of chemicals that are present in tap water. Some of these animals do not like to consume tap water due to the smell that it has. Thus, bathing in tap water might not be something that they like.

They are cold-sensitive

These animals have a lower body temperature as compared to humans, and it is more difficult for them to remain warm. Cats are draped in heavy fur, and when it gets soaked they feel cold. They catch a cold more easily. You can make your cat feel warmer and more comfortable by using a microfiber towel to dry it as soon as you finish bathing it. Provide it with a wonderful, warm place where it can curl up and get dry easily.

These come from low-water areas

Most of the modern domestic cats come from felines that stayed in arid areas. Water might not have played a major part in their evolution. Some of these originate from watery regions and appear to like water.

It is important to begin exposing your feline companion to baths when it is still a kitten. The idea is that the earlier you introduce your pet cat to water, the faster it is going to get acclimatized to it, accept it and even start enjoying it.

Do Cats Like Going for Walks?

Cats are often treated similar to dogs, but their traits are not similar. It is common to find owners walking with their cats fastened with a leash and harness, down the street. Cat owners relish such an experience and also feel proud of walking their pets in such a way. But the question is, do cats actually like to go for walks?

Going into uncharted territory

A closer look at cats reveals that they are not usually comfortable with venturing into places that they do not mark with scents as their own territory. Cats like to be in their own familiar territory, which has a relaxing effect on them. When they go for a walk, they have to move into an unfamiliar ambience without the sense of reassurance that they are used to. Cats can get frightened or hurt when they come across unfamiliar dogs. Then again, some cats seem to enjoy the activity and a few experts also advise cat owners to take their cats – who are prone to running away – for a walk every day or at least every now and then.

Getting acclimatized

Cats like to walk into places that they are familiar with, and spots that are not too far away from their home. If you want to walk your cat, you need to get it accustomed first by making it wear a leash and harness and walking it indoors. You must choose quiet places and comfortable hours to take it out for a walk. When it gets comfortable with the harness, you should consider walking it in a private garden where the risks are minimal.

Wooing with treats

Cats can also be made eager for walks when they are showered with praise and plenty of treats. Train your cat with short periods of harness and make it adjust to the daily routine. After you return to home from walks, give it enough treats and shower it with praise. Once your cat gets habituated to it all, much like the dog in Pavlov’s famous experiment about Classical Conditioning, it will in fact love to go on walks and in fact look forward to them.

Going to an amiable spot

Cats love it when they are made to walk in places that stimulate their senses, with well-organized surroundings, lack of dogs and other potentially threatening animals, no vehicles or people that can threaten their well-being in any way.

Best Dog Treat Bag On Amazon

Training a dog can be a difficult task and sometimes we want to complement that using treats.  Most dog owners have had a past with treat bags that they make on their own because they do not last.  Basically, a treat bag should grant you fast and easy access to the dog treat, store extra stuff such as poop bags and keep the treats fresh and tasty as they were. The best dog treat bag can carry enough of the dog’s treats you need through your training session

EzyDog snakpak pro

The EzyDog snakpak pro bag is virtually appealing at low costs. There are two other accessory pockets in this bag and the main compartment can carry plenty of the dog treats. The enclosure has magnetic open and close technique that is easy to open and close for accessibility.  The lining material is waterproof therefore maintaining your treats dry. The waterproof lining also helps in cleaning the bag because you can wipe it after use and store. This dog treat bag is light weight and has an adjustable waist strap that makes it easy to strap around your waist as you train the dog. During night training sessions, this dog treat bag is fitted with reflective threads that boosts the visibility when it is dark.

Pet safe treat bag

This pouch is made of a water resistant lining that helps maintain the treats in great condition even in rainy conditions. The enclosure stays open but you can close it by just one tap. This bag is more advantageous because it has more inner pocket compartments that are easy to flap. These compartments can be used to store poop or your phone.  Around the waist straps a key ring where you can attach your car keys, whistle or any other keys.

Tuff mutt dog treat bag

This is made of possibly the best quality and most durable material.  The quality of the lining material has made it possible to wash this dog treat bag. The space of this bag is also enough for your dog treats and other necessities that you have like a phone. The compartments have zips to ensure safe keeping even for your keys.  The top enclosure is reinforced so that it can remain open and guarantee easy access to the dog treats.   Attached is an adjustable and detachable belt that you can put around your shoulders or your waist as training goes on.


The best dog treats bags vary with preference of color fabric and the adjustable straps.  Most importantly, you should consider the condition of the treats when you reward your dog.   The best dog treat bags are the ones that you can easily access your treats as well as keep them fresh.

Which Vacuum For Pet Hair Should Your Household Have?

Having a pet is the best thing for some people around the world. Well, some is an understatement because most households have pets may it be dogs, cats, parrots et cetera. Aside from buying their food, you as the owner needs to keep them clean and satisfied. They are animals and they have feelings that’s the saying. Well, in as much as you want to take care of them, you also need to take care of your house because of their behaviors.

Pets especially dogs and cats leave fur on your carpet and couch giving you an additional responsibility. This means you have to find a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t collide with pet hair. Thus, this is the reason we have listed the best vacuum for pet hair machines.

 A Hoover Upright Series

The hoover give pet owners the advantage of removing pet hair from the carpet without much struggle. A disadvantage though is sometimes the attachment materials are weak. According to some users, the machine is a savior and it does a thorough job of getting pet hair out from the carpet and couch. The pricing of the machine is fair. If you need a quick machine to help out in the house this is it.

A Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum Remover

If you are one of those people who hate big machines which you have to drag, the Bissell is a good choice. The machine is relatively small and you just need to lift it and hover it over the place you want to remove pet hair from. The wires are not tangled as long as you are careful with how you handle the machine. The vacuum is small and convenient but don’t mistake it for a big vacuum cleaner for larger surfaces. Another bad side is that it can only be used for pet hair and nothing else. It will suck dirt but leave traces behind.

 A Robotic Vacuum Machine From bobsweep

We have listed a small and big vacuum cleaner. Now we have a mobile hands free best vacuum for pet hair. When we say hands free, it is hands free. The machine just needs 45 minutes to finish the job and leave your house sparkling clean. This is especially important when you have so many chores but your favorite pet keeps supplying hair all over. Try it and experience cleaner surfaces.


Having a pet whether by your own choice or for your children is a good thing. Their animal nature is their disadvantage because they have no sense of house cleanliness. Having the best vacuum for pet hair could be your solution.

Taken from: https://dogstruggles.com/best-vacuum-for-pet-hair/

The Best Cooling Mats for Dogs

Dogs are covered by fur and more often we tend to forget that fur maintains heat to the body making it difficult to lose their body temperatures. While this might be an advantage in times of chilly conditions, it’s intolerable for warmer and hotter conditions.  The raised temperatures make it uncomfortable for the canines to undertake their normal activities happily or have fun.  Dogs will seek shelter in cooler places to avoid the heat in expense of having fun with their owners. Therefore there were designed cooling mats that help relieve the temperatures from the dog’s body.

Green pet shop mat

Green pet shop mat was designed using pressure activated gel technology that is convenient for cooling and relieving heat from the largest canines. It is designed to fit into dog beds and other places that dogs sleep. It also quickly recharges after a few minutes of nonuse therefore your dog can withstand long heat waves. Green pet shop mat prevents dehydration that may result from a dog releasing too much moisture from the body due to the heat. In addition, these maps are easy to clean.

Dr-pet cooling mat

By filling this mat with tap water, you can attain maximum cooling effect for your dog. Dr Pet cooling mat is made from polythene of high density that is designed to absorb as much of the dog’s excess heat as possible.  It is environmental friendly because you fill the cooling mat with tap water instead of other chemical gels. Dr Pet cooling mat can attain maximum cooling impact up to 3 hours and can be used as a heating mat too. The polythene is covered with a zippered cloth that is scratch resistant for these carnivores.

K& H cool bed

When the floors are tiled or have linoleum, this is the best cooling mat for dogs to use. They have a water saturated inner core that brings cooling effect to the body of your dog. Excess heat is directed into the air and away from the dog giving it a relieving cooling effect. This cool bed is also easy to clean.

Drykewl cooling mat

Drykewl cooling mat is available in different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and sizes.  Drykewl cooling mat is made from Velcro strips fabric that helps to relieve heat even in the hottest summers. After two minutes of soaking, your dog can enjoy the cooling impact of drykewl cooling mat.


Heat may dehydrate your dog and pose risks to your dog’s health and affecting your dog’s coat. Preventing heat strokes is relatively cheaper than treating it. Luckily, keeping your dog cool can be a fun activity to indulge in for you and your dog.

Facts about pet vitamins and supplements for dogs and cats

We can see more and more people giving their pets vitamins and supplements. This trend goes along with people taking more dietary supplements and vitamins then some time ago. Vitamins and supplements could be added to pets food, or either taken directly. Remember, than nothing is more important for your pet’s long, healthy life, than it’s diet.

The problem is casual dog and cat food may be poor supplemented with vitamins. That’s why you may need to give them some of these vitamins chew tabs, tablets, powder, and capsules. They are made to essentially help benefit your cat or dog health care.

Pet Vitamins and pet Supplements are superb way of:

  • providing your pet with the proper nurishment
  • maintaining your cat or dog in healthy lifestyle
  • reducing harmful to pet health substances in casual pet food

You may find effective cat vitamins with high calcium content, dog vitamins, supplements, sedatives and nutraceuticals formulated to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of stress, and also other vitamin formulations to avoid the physical strains caused by tough activities.

This may look like i’m talking about supplements for some heavy strained pets, but they are also considered as daily supplements, just to improve digestion of your dog or cat. In fact, supplementing with vitamins is everything you need to do to make your pet health and happy.

The fact is every one on three of US pet (talking about dogs and cats) is receiving supplementary with vitamins. Common supplements are multivitamins and measures to support arthrists. Also unsaturated fatty acids, used mainly to improve pet coat shine, is very valuable supplement. Gastrointestinal problems can be defended by giving pets probiotics, and effects of aging can be reduced with antioxidants supplements.

Let’s recap what supplements have been disscused to this point:

  1. vitamins for overall health,
  2. sedatives and nutraceuticals for stress reducing,
  3. vitamin formulations for physical strains,
  4. multivitamins for pets arthrists
  5. unsaturated fat acids for smooth, shining coat,
  6. probiotics for gastro enhancement,
  7. anti-aging antioxidants,
  8. herbal supplements.

Every year we have bigger population of overweight, aging dogs and cats. That’s the reason why pet supplements market is breaking another levels, being expected to reach over $1.5 billion by 2012! I have no doubt that a supplements, healthy diet is the only way to get to your pet major vitamins and minerals. Those are necessary if you want to maintain health and warding off illness dog or cat.

Tramadol for my dogs before going to the vet

My dog Chichi got severely injured feet last week. Before visiting the vet, I called him for advice about Chichi’s feet pain. He told me to give her tramadol for dogs – about 0.5 ml orally (different dosage from what humans take) The vet said nothing about the side effects of tramadol, but Chichi feel asleep after a few minutes. Looks like tramadol makes dogs very drowsy, especially as small as my little Chichi.

Maybe the dose was too high?

So after a while I looked on the internet for more information about giving tramadol for dogs and possible side effects, but it seems like sleeping is the only one :)
Other information about the dosage I noted– he let me buy liquid tramadol and give Chichi 0.5 ml, but it seems that other vets are prescribing 50mg dosages as well.

Maybe it makes a difference in the side effects? I found some more info on Yahoo answers, but I think it will be better to check another vet in the future.

Overall I learned the following:

  • Never give your dog new medications without checking side effects first
  • Overall tramadol is safe for dogs – except that they will get drowsy
  • I will check another vet in the future, because I don’t know if 0.5ml is a good dosage – I see 50mg recommended elsewhere.
  • Obviously most information can be found on internet, for example on Wikipedia the tramadol information is good

Anyway, animal painkillers like tramadol should and can help controlling dog’s pain in cases of diseases or injuries. However, you must remember, that dogs and several other animals have much higher threshold levels for pain compared to humans. So it’s not rare if we fail to spot that our animal is suffering from a lot of pain.

We do not usually notice it but visible symptoms can be seen. And again, it’s because of the fact that they can’t tell us about their pain. You shouldn’t be afraid of giving medicine to cure the animals pain – dogs especially – using the human painkiller tramadol is confirmed as being safe to use in human, and safe for dogs.

Now although tramadol is addictive in humans it is not in dogs, this is because they obviously cannot get more of it and do not get physical dependency like humans can. So fear not!

Overdose levels are real and will likely be caused if you dog accidentally finds all your tramadol and eats too much. Although the levels in humans are know they are not in dogs. Overall deaths from tramadol overdose have been reportedly increasing in frequency in Northern Ireland; the majority of these overdoses involve other drugs including alcohol.

Best Dog Pee Pads

Training a puppy chow, where, when to pee is a difficult task. Like training a child, these two activities need maximum patience for the subjects to learn. When potty training your dogs, dog pee pads are essentials especially because they do not ruin the house or your surroundings.  Pee pads will help you to avoid the mess that puppies may create on your couch or garden when they pee on it.

The new and enhanced super absorbent training pads

These puppy pads have impressive features that may include a surface that dries out fast and avoids trackling. It is built in an attractive and has odor neutralizer thereby keeping its environment odor-free. They absorb up fast making them the best training pads. They are wide enough to accommodate any size of a puppy and make training easy.

Optimum absorbz large pads

If you are looking for larger pads for training larger breed puppies, optimum absorbz has you covered.  These pads are large and come in packs of 100 each and this boosts pee training.  Optimum absorbz pads are durable and hold lots of liquid without leaking.  Their size and their ability to hold large volumes of liquids make it convenience to use on puppies and larger dogs.

Deluxe puppy and dog training pads

The deluxe puppy and dog training pads are made from great technology of quick and activated black carbon. These pads are the perfect solution for pee training because they are large and accommodate any dog breeds.  Deluxe puppy and dog training pads are more competitive due to their ability to absorb fast and much than other training pads. These pads are black in color therefore you will not see any yellowish stains that are left behind.

Dog training extra- large training pads

Parachute pets have a product that offers guaranteed money returns encase these pads fail.  The aim of using this marketing strategy considers that they offer the best extra-large dog training pads and it is impossible not to like their products. The extra-large pads help to eliminate leakage on the floor by absorbing the liquids faster and more efficiently.

Neat ‘n dry dog pee pads from iris

These pads work equally great for puppies and dogs. They have great qualities including the 5 layer quilted protection for super absorbency.  Absorbing is made faster, efficient and leak proof. Using these pads will protect your floor during potty training.


Dog pee pads can be used by puppies that are at potty training or older dogs that have lose bladders over the years. The best dog pee pads have fast and efficient absorbents that will avoid messing on the floor or around the house.

Best Vegetables for Dogs

Like human beings, dogs are veggies too. Adding veggies to its diet is a healthy move to boost the immune of your dog. Definitely, there are some veggies that your dog will prefer to others.  If you are considering adding veggies on your dog’s meal, consider the following veggies first.


By lightly steaming asparagus add it to the dog’s meal. You can cut the asparagus into smaller pieces to avoid choking. Asparagus will boost texture and flavor in the dog’s food giving the dog a new taste. This can help to renew his interest in the usual food and boost his appetite.


Generally, broccoli boosts the immunity of dogs and helps to ward off a number of do diseases.   Broccoli is nutritious and dogs that constantly consume broccoli are able to fight off arthritic inflammation.   The plaque on the dog’s teeth is also avoided because chewing on the broccoli stalks cleanses the teeth. However, you should not feed the dog with too much broccoli heads because it upsets the stomach and can cause gas accumulation in the stomach. Therefore, the percentage of broccoli in the food of your dog should be little.


Human beings chew on raw carrots to boost their eyesight and strengthen the gums. Alternatively, when dogs chew on raw carrots their eyesight is improved and the strength of their carnivorous teeth improved.  Chewing on raw and crunchy carrots also reduces anxiety in dogs.  Dogs may find it difficult to chew and may often choke on the carrot pieces. If there are traces of carrot pieces in the stool, try chopping the carrots into smaller pieces and slightly cooking them before feeding them to your dog.

Low calorie green beans

In case your dog is weighing more weight than it normally should, try to replace its food slightly with low calorie green beans. Besides reducing the calorie content in the body, they have omega 3 that is healthy for heart conditions.   The fiber content in the green beans helps in digestion and eases the process of emptying bowels.


In the right quantities, kale can boost tons of benefits to the dog that consumes kale frequently. Kale prevents heart diseases, arthritis, allergies and other urinary tract infections when consumed in right quantities. In too many quantities, kale can cause bloating and gas problems.  Adding a little kale in the diet of your dog whether dried, chopped or steamed can boost the health of your dog


Feeding your dog with vegetables is not guarantee that they will not face any health difficulties or prolong his life. However, adding reasonable amounts of vegetables to your dog’s meal improves its health and prolongs his life.