The Best Cooling Mats for Dogs

Dogs are covered by fur and more often we tend to forget that fur maintains heat to the body making it difficult to lose their body temperatures. While this might be an advantage in times of chilly conditions, it’s intolerable for warmer and hotter conditions.  The raised temperatures make it uncomfortable for the canines to undertake their normal activities happily or have fun.  Dogs will seek shelter in cooler places to avoid the heat in expense of having fun with their owners. Therefore there were designed cooling mats that help relieve the temperatures from the dog’s body.

Green pet shop mat

Green pet shop mat was designed using pressure activated gel technology that is convenient for cooling and relieving heat from the largest canines. It is designed to fit into dog beds and other places that dogs sleep. It also quickly recharges after a few minutes of nonuse therefore your dog can withstand long heat waves. Green pet shop mat prevents dehydration that may result from a dog releasing too much moisture from the body due to the heat. In addition, these maps are easy to clean.

Dr-pet cooling mat

By filling this mat with tap water, you can attain maximum cooling effect for your dog. Dr Pet cooling mat is made from polythene of high density that is designed to absorb as much of the dog’s excess heat as possible.  It is environmental friendly because you fill the cooling mat with tap water instead of other chemical gels. Dr Pet cooling mat can attain maximum cooling impact up to 3 hours and can be used as a heating mat too. The polythene is covered with a zippered cloth that is scratch resistant for these carnivores.

K& H cool bed

When the floors are tiled or have linoleum, this is the best cooling mat for dogs to use. They have a water saturated inner core that brings cooling effect to the body of your dog. Excess heat is directed into the air and away from the dog giving it a relieving cooling effect. This cool bed is also easy to clean.

Drykewl cooling mat

Drykewl cooling mat is available in different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and sizes.  Drykewl cooling mat is made from Velcro strips fabric that helps to relieve heat even in the hottest summers. After two minutes of soaking, your dog can enjoy the cooling impact of drykewl cooling mat.


Heat may dehydrate your dog and pose risks to your dog’s health and affecting your dog’s coat. Preventing heat strokes is relatively cheaper than treating it. Luckily, keeping your dog cool can be a fun activity to indulge in for you and your dog.

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