Best Vegetables for Dogs

Like human beings, dogs are veggies too. Adding veggies to its diet is a healthy move to boost the immune of your dog. Definitely, there are some veggies that your dog will prefer to others.  If you are considering adding veggies on your dog’s meal, consider the following veggies first.


By lightly steaming asparagus add it to the dog’s meal. You can cut the asparagus into smaller pieces to avoid choking. Asparagus will boost texture and flavor in the dog’s food giving the dog a new taste. This can help to renew his interest in the usual food and boost his appetite.


Generally, broccoli boosts the immunity of dogs and helps to ward off a number of do diseases.   Broccoli is nutritious and dogs that constantly consume broccoli are able to fight off arthritic inflammation.   The plaque on the dog’s teeth is also avoided because chewing on the broccoli stalks cleanses the teeth. However, you should not feed the dog with too much broccoli heads because it upsets the stomach and can cause gas accumulation in the stomach. Therefore, the percentage of broccoli in the food of your dog should be little.


Human beings chew on raw carrots to boost their eyesight and strengthen the gums. Alternatively, when dogs chew on raw carrots their eyesight is improved and the strength of their carnivorous teeth improved.  Chewing on raw and crunchy carrots also reduces anxiety in dogs.  Dogs may find it difficult to chew and may often choke on the carrot pieces. If there are traces of carrot pieces in the stool, try chopping the carrots into smaller pieces and slightly cooking them before feeding them to your dog.

Low calorie green beans

In case your dog is weighing more weight than it normally should, try to replace its food slightly with low calorie green beans. Besides reducing the calorie content in the body, they have omega 3 that is healthy for heart conditions.   The fiber content in the green beans helps in digestion and eases the process of emptying bowels.


In the right quantities, kale can boost tons of benefits to the dog that consumes kale frequently. Kale prevents heart diseases, arthritis, allergies and other urinary tract infections when consumed in right quantities. In too many quantities, kale can cause bloating and gas problems.  Adding a little kale in the diet of your dog whether dried, chopped or steamed can boost the health of your dog


Feeding your dog with vegetables is not guarantee that they will not face any health difficulties or prolong his life. However, adding reasonable amounts of vegetables to your dog’s meal improves its health and prolongs his life.

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