Facts about pet vitamins and supplements for dogs and cats

We can see more and more people giving their pets vitamins and supplements. This trend goes along with people taking more dietary supplements and vitamins then some time ago. Vitamins and supplements could be added to pets food, or either taken directly. Remember, than nothing is more important for your pet’s long, healthy life, than it’s diet.

The problem is casual dog and cat food may be poor supplemented with vitamins. That’s why you may need to give them some of these vitamins chew tabs, tablets, powder, and capsules. They are made to essentially help benefit your cat or dog health care.

Pet Vitamins and pet Supplements are superb way of:

  • providing your pet with the proper nurishment
  • maintaining your cat or dog in healthy lifestyle
  • reducing harmful to pet health substances in casual pet food

You may find effective cat vitamins with high calcium content, dog vitamins, supplements, sedatives and nutraceuticals formulated to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of stress, and also other vitamin formulations to avoid the physical strains caused by tough activities.

This may look like i’m talking about supplements for some heavy strained pets, but they are also considered as daily supplements, just to improve digestion of your dog or cat. In fact, supplementing with vitamins is everything you need to do to make your pet health and happy.

The fact is every one on three of US pet (talking about dogs and cats) is receiving supplementary with vitamins. Common supplements are multivitamins and measures to support arthrists. Also unsaturated fatty acids, used mainly to improve pet coat shine, is very valuable supplement. Gastrointestinal problems can be defended by giving pets probiotics, and effects of aging can be reduced with antioxidants supplements.

Let’s recap what supplements have been disscused to this point:

  1. vitamins for overall health,
  2. sedatives and nutraceuticals for stress reducing,
  3. vitamin formulations for physical strains,
  4. multivitamins for pets arthrists
  5. unsaturated fat acids for smooth, shining coat,
  6. probiotics for gastro enhancement,
  7. anti-aging antioxidants,
  8. herbal supplements.

Every year we have bigger population of overweight, aging dogs and cats. That’s the reason why pet supplements market is breaking another levels, being expected to reach over $1.5 billion by 2012! I have no doubt that a supplements, healthy diet is the only way to get to your pet major vitamins and minerals. Those are necessary if you want to maintain health and warding off illness dog or cat.

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