Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Cats take frequent baths in a day, and owners feel that they would naturally enjoy being in water. However, cats are likely to resist any attempt at putting them into a bathtub. If they ever slip into a tub or a sink filled with water by accident, they are likely to show a frantic response and throw their limbs all around in an eager attempt to get out of water and hide somewhere safe. Here are some possible reasons why cars hate being in water.

They hate being with a drenched coat

When cats get wet, their fur gets waterlogged. The top fur layer of cats is waterproof to an extent. However, if water enters the layers beneath, cats are likely to feel highly uncomfortable. This makes cats feel heavy and uncomfortable, and they are unable to move as fast or maneuver themselves as quickly as before. Cats always like to be agile and easy to get out of sticky situations, and they hate anything that makes them unable to do so.

They are smell-sensitive

Cats are known to be sensitive to odors, and react strongly to the odor of chemicals that are present in tap water. Some of these animals do not like to consume tap water due to the smell that it has. Thus, bathing in tap water might not be something that they like.

They are cold-sensitive

These animals have a lower body temperature as compared to humans, and it is more difficult for them to remain warm. Cats are draped in heavy fur, and when it gets soaked they feel cold. They catch a cold more easily. You can make your cat feel warmer and more comfortable by using a microfiber towel to dry it as soon as you finish bathing it. Provide it with a wonderful, warm place where it can curl up and get dry easily.

These come from low-water areas

Most of the modern domestic cats come from felines that stayed in arid areas. Water might not have played a major part in their evolution. Some of these originate from watery regions and appear to like water.

It is important to begin exposing your feline companion to baths when it is still a kitten. The idea is that the earlier you introduce your pet cat to water, the faster it is going to get acclimatized to it, accept it and even start enjoying it.

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