Do Cats Like Going for Walks?

Cats are often treated similar to dogs, but their traits are not similar. It is common to find owners walking with their cats fastened with a leash and harness, down the street. Cat owners relish such an experience and also feel proud of walking their pets in such a way. But the question is, do cats actually like to go for walks?

Going into uncharted territory

A closer look at cats reveals that they are not usually comfortable with venturing into places that they do not mark with scents as their own territory. Cats like to be in their own familiar territory, which has a relaxing effect on them. When they go for a walk, they have to move into an unfamiliar ambience without the sense of reassurance that they are used to. Cats can get frightened or hurt when they come across unfamiliar dogs. Then again, some cats seem to enjoy the activity and a few experts also advise cat owners to take their cats – who are prone to running away – for a walk every day or at least every now and then.

Getting acclimatized

Cats like to walk into places that they are familiar with, and spots that are not too far away from their home. If you want to walk your cat, you need to get it accustomed first by making it wear a leash and harness and walking it indoors. You must choose quiet places and comfortable hours to take it out for a walk. When it gets comfortable with the harness, you should consider walking it in a private garden where the risks are minimal.

Wooing with treats

Cats can also be made eager for walks when they are showered with praise and plenty of treats. Train your cat with short periods of harness and make it adjust to the daily routine. After you return to home from walks, give it enough treats and shower it with praise. Once your cat gets habituated to it all, much like the dog in Pavlov’s famous experiment about Classical Conditioning, it will in fact love to go on walks and in fact look forward to them.

Going to an amiable spot

Cats love it when they are made to walk in places that stimulate their senses, with well-organized surroundings, lack of dogs and other potentially threatening animals, no vehicles or people that can threaten their well-being in any way.

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