Tramadol for my dogs before going to the vet

My dog Chichi got severely injured feet last week. Before visiting the vet, I called him for advice about Chichi’s feet pain. He told me to give her tramadol for dogs – about 0.5 ml orally (different dosage from what humans take) The vet said nothing about the side effects of tramadol, but Chichi feel asleep after a few minutes. Looks like tramadol makes dogs very drowsy, especially as small as my little Chichi.

Maybe the dose was too high?

So after a while I looked on the internet for more information about giving tramadol for dogs and possible side effects, but it seems like sleeping is the only one :)
Other information about the dosage I noted– he let me buy liquid tramadol and give Chichi 0.5 ml, but it seems that other vets are prescribing 50mg dosages as well.

Maybe it makes a difference in the side effects? I found some more info on Yahoo answers, but I think it will be better to check another vet in the future.

Overall I learned the following:

  • Never give your dog new medications without checking side effects first
  • Overall tramadol is safe for dogs – except that they will get drowsy
  • I will check another vet in the future, because I don’t know if 0.5ml is a good dosage – I see 50mg recommended elsewhere.
  • Obviously most information can be found on internet, for example on Wikipedia the tramadol information is good

Anyway, animal painkillers like tramadol should and can help controlling dog’s pain in cases of diseases or injuries. However, you must remember, that dogs and several other animals have much higher threshold levels for pain compared to humans. So it’s not rare if we fail to spot that our animal is suffering from a lot of pain.

We do not usually notice it but visible symptoms can be seen. And again, it’s because of the fact that they can’t tell us about their pain. You shouldn’t be afraid of giving medicine to cure the animals pain – dogs especially – using the human painkiller tramadol is confirmed as being safe to use in human, and safe for dogs.

Now although tramadol is addictive in humans it is not in dogs, this is because they obviously cannot get more of it and do not get physical dependency like humans can. So fear not!

Overdose levels are real and will likely be caused if you dog accidentally finds all your tramadol and eats too much. Although the levels in humans are know they are not in dogs. Overall deaths from tramadol overdose have been reportedly increasing in frequency in Northern Ireland; the majority of these overdoses involve other drugs including alcohol.

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